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  • “One of the best public relations agencies in America”— PRWeek
  • California’s Leading Public Relations and Public Affairs Agency
  • “Quite simply, one of the best small to midsize agencies in the country”— Inside PR
  • “The premier mouthpieces and spin doctors for companies doing business in San Francisco”— San Francisco Chronicle
  • “Singer’s nickname ‘The Fixer’ says it all”— San Francisco 7×7 Magazine

Singer Associates is a leading public relations, public affairs, corporate and crisis communications agency. We are consistently ranked among the nation’s top strategic communications agencies in the United States.

Our mission is creating winning strategies and developing campaigns and actions that result in victories for our clients in real estate, environmental issues, regulatory affairs, litigation, labor disputes, transportation, politics, healthcare, hospitality, recycling, industry, major infrastructure developments and other critical issues. READ MORE »


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Singer Associates, Inc. Named 2014 Small Agency of the Year by Bulldog Reporter

Singer Associates Public Relations is pleased to announce that it is the winner of the 2014 Small Agency of the Year from the Bulldog Reporter, a leading industry trade publication. READ MORE »
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Trust Me: Who Are You Gonna Believe, Sam Singer or Your Own Eyes?

The acrid plume billows skyward from the blazing Chevron refinery in Richmond and gathers into an ominous black mushroom cloud looming over the troubled East Bay city. Hundreds of thousands of area residents are ordered by police and safety personnel to flee indoors. Health officials beseech the homebound to hermetically seal themselves within via duct tape and damp cloths. Emergency rooms are, predictably, besieged with 15,000 wheezing locals these MacGyver tactics fail to protect. READ MORE »
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Your local news, brought to you by Chevron

A new digital publication called the Richmond Standard gives San Francisco Bay Area residents local news—and Chevron views. READ MORE »
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Singer Associates: Agency Business Report 2014

Client successes at San Francisco-based Singer Associates in 2013 came at the local and international level. READ MORE »
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Singer Associates honored by PRWeek with two awards

Agency of the Year Runner Up For the fifth time in six years, Singer Associates was named runner up for Agency of the Year. This is the eighth time in ten years that the agency has been a finalist for this honor, ranking it consistently as one of the nation’s top public relations... READ MORE »

Client News

How Chevron Turned the Tables in Ecuador Public Relations Battle with Singer Associates, Other PR Agencies

Singer has built up an impressive practice of counseling companies, public agencies and government officials facing controversy. (Chronicle reporter Heather Knight, writing last year in our City Insider blog, called Singer the kind of crisis manager who can make shoplifting politicians seem sympathetic.) In October of 2008, he sent Chevron spokesman Kent Robertson a four-page memo outlining steps the company could take to change public perceptions of the Ecuador lawsuit. READ MORE »