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About us

Our mission is creating winning strategies and developing campaigns and actions that result in victories for our clients in real estate, environmental issues, regulatory affairs, litigation, labor disputes, transportation, politics, healthcare, hospitality, recycling, industry, major infrastructure developments and other critical issues.

Our agency is unique. Singer Associates brings a mixture of news media, politics, government, community relations, advertising, social media and digital skills that very few, if any, agencies possess.

Singer Associates is trusted. Our agency has built an impressive practice of counseling companies, public agencies and government officials on high-stakes issues. Many of our clients have been with our agency since we were founded in 1990.

We are experienced. Singer Associates has a reputation for high-caliber, highly skilled and knowledgeable staff members and consultants who are the very best in our profession.

We are who we represent. Singer Associates represents some of the world’s largest and most respected corporations, government agencies, prominent individuals, trade associations and political interests.

Respected in our profession. Our agency has received numerous awards from the top industry journals including PRWeek, PR News, The Public Relations Society of America, The Holmes Report, Bulldog Reporter and many more.

Find out why the leading corporations and CEOs call us first. Contact Singer Associates at 415.227.9700 or email Singer@SingerSF.com.

What Others Say About Singer Associates

“That aggressive strategy (against the plaintiffs) has worked wonders, putting Chevron’s opponents on the defensive and convincing many people that the Ecuador suit is a sham. And you can trace much of that strategy back to a memo by San Francisco’s master of crisis communications, Sam Singer.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“One of the most influential agencies in the U.S. (in communications strategy).” – Marcela Holguín, Ecuador State Owned Television Gama TV

“Singer’s nickname—‘The Fixer’—says it all. If your reputation, fortune or political future is at stake, this is the agency you call to convince the public, the politicians or the judge that you’re in the right. That’s why BART, the 49ers, Levi Strauss and the Lennar Corporation have hired Singer Associates.” – San Francisco’s 7X7 Magazine

“Singer has built up an impressive practice of counseling companies, public agencies and government officials facing controversy. (Chronicle reporter Heather Knight, writing last year in our City Insider blog, called Singer the kind of crisis manager who can make shoplifting politicians seem sympathetic.) – San Francisco Chronicle

“Singer Associates, which helped the City of San Bruno win $70 million in restitution from the company, is advocating the Golden State’s Public Utility Commission to fine PG&E $2.5B in penalties and fees and establish “an independent monitor to ensure PG&E actually makes changes to its gas transmission lines to ensure no one ever dies again at their hands or because of their gross negligence.” – O’Dwyer’s Public Relations Report

“PR crisis king” – San Francisco Chronicle Political Reporter Carla Marinucci

“What do you do if Mike Wallace is banging on your front door with a camera crew in tow? Call Sam Singer, of course. His clients have included the 49ers in their quest for a new stadium in San Francisco (he severed ties when they announced plans to defect to Santa Clara) and Jack in the Box during the E. coli scare that almost put the hamburger chain out of business.” – The Berkeley Monthly

“The Richmond Standard is the brainchild of Sam Singer, a San Francisco public relations guru known for managing crises and mending damaged reputations.” – Fuel Fix Magazine

“When bad news slams into this corner of the world, Sam Singer’s phone rings. A wayward ship is leaking fuel into San Francisco Bay. The mayor slept with his friend’s wife, who is also a city employee. And, in the latest scandal transfixing the locals, a tiger somehow escaped her San Francisco Zoo enclosure and killed a San Jose teenager on Christmas Day. When the glare is bright and unflattering, Singer steps in. The area’s go-to crisis manager has a knack for deflecting the spotlight, or at least changing the bulb to cast his client in a more flattering light. That’s not exactly how Singer, 50, sees it. His job, he said, is to don armor, then go out defending his client by simply telling the truth. His clients’ truth.” – San Jose Mercury News