Cami Crawford

Account Executive

Cami Crawford is an Account Executive at Singer Associates.

On behalf of Singer, Ms. Crawford has supported critical citywide and regional campaign efforts throughout California. She also brings a deep understanding of multicultural traditional media and social media strategies for organic and advertising campaigns to clients of all sizes.

Previously, Ms. Crawford worked for Kurtosys, an international financial technology company, where she gained experience in digital marketing, social media engagement, content strategy, research, and CRM/marketing database work. She also spent time as a creative marketing consultant where she designed company logos, managed event logistics and led company content strategy.

Ms. Crawford graduated with honors from New York University with duel degrees in Digital and Computational Journalism (B.A) and Psychology (B.A). During her time at NYU, Crawford was a captain of the varsity women’s soccer team and represented NYU abroad in Brazil and the United Kingdom.

When she’s not at Singer, Ms. Crawford enjoys swimming, traveling and reading a good book.