Denver (May 31, 2018)—Beth Bowlen Wallace today announced she is throwing her hat in the ring to take the leadership role of the Denver Broncos and carry on her father’s winning legacy. Throughout his astonishing career, Pat Bowlen demonstrated great passion for the team, the game of football and the City of Denver.

“I love the Denver Broncos. This team has been so special to my family, to the City of Denver and to the state of Colorado,” Beth said. “My father’s legacy is very important to me and my family. It is my desire to lead this team with the same passion my father did and help the Broncos become Super Bowl champions again. I have the ambition, experience and drive, and my mentor in running a winning NFL franchise is the best in the business – my father.”

Beth has submitted a proposal for a succession plan to the Trustees of the Pat Bowlen family trust that includes Beth taking over as the Controlling Owner after a short transition and mentoring period with current leadership.  The proposal also includes long-term succession planning that involves other Bowlen children and a succession plan beyond Beth.  “Along with continuing the winning tradition of my father, the focus is to keep this team in my family and keep the Broncos in Denver,” she said.

Beth, 47, spent much of her childhood cheering for the Broncos from the sidelines with her father, Pat Bowlen, who has owned the franchise with his family for the past 35 years.

Before he became ill with Alzheimer’s, Pat had said many times that he wanted his family to keep ownership of the Broncos, that he wanted one of his seven children to run the team when they were ready, and that he wanted the team to remain in Denver.

“I have advised the Trustees that I am ready and have done everything they said I need to do to take this step.  Working in management at the Broncos is something I have prepared for and dreamed of doing,” Beth said.

“I fully support Beth,” said Amie Bowlen Klemmer, the oldest Bowlen child. “She is qualified and ready, and she worked closely with my dad.  She is in the best position to carry out his vision.  Based on my conversations with him, I know my father would have endorsed Beth and this plan.”

Beth graduated from the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law in 2016 and before that, received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado, in Boulder. She is also a mom, step-mom and avid equestrian who rides in the hunter jumper discipline.

Pat Bowlen also earned his law degree and had encouraged his second-oldest daughter to do the same. “I know how proud my dad would be of Beth obtaining her JD and following in his footsteps. That was important to him,” said Amie.

“I have completed my legal degree, worked at the Broncos and have strong ties in Denver and throughout Colorado,” said Beth. “As controlling owner, I will work with leadership in the organization to ensure that we deliver the best results and meet the expectations of our fan base, which is something I learned from observing and working with my father and his business associates.”

Beth worked for the Broncos for several years as director of special projects and oversaw initiatives such as the Ring of Fame Plaza and the placement of a statue of her father, in addition to handling community affairs. “In 2011, my dad strongly encouraged me to join him in the organization. I was humbled and ready for the opportunity to work along side him, especially given his declining health,” Beth said.  “I have developed great relationships with members of the NFL and the Denver business community, and they have expressed their support for me in the past,” added Beth.

Beth is also very involved with Colorado-based nonprofits and charitable organizations, including the Alzheimer’s Association, Urban Youth Ministries and Colorado Uplift, among several others. Since 2016, Beth has worked as an executive with Reign Energy Partners in the oil and gas industry – the same industry that helped launch Pat Bowlen’s successful career.

“My father’s number one goal was to win. He understood that took financial commitment, hard work, dedication, the right leadership, and drive. He was motivated to win not only for himself and the team but for the pride of Broncos Country, our beloved and loyal fans. He wanted to be number one in everything and in my eyes, he is,” she said.  “Maintaining his vision will be my singular focus.”

Before he stepped down as Broncos CEO, Pat Bowlen set up a family trust to transfer controlling ownership of the team to one of his children. The trust is currently operated by three non-family members: team President Joe Ellis, team General Counsel and Executive Vice President Rich Slivka and attorney Mary Kelly.

Pat Bowlen played football in high school and, after becoming a successful business owner, he and his family bought the Broncos in 1984. Pat loved the game of football, and it showed. He was the first National Football League owner to reach 300 victories in 30 years. And more importantly, his commitment to winning led the team to seven Super Bowl appearances and three world championships.  “I will also work hard to get my father where he belongs – in the Pro Football Hall of Fame,” stated Beth.

In 2009, Pat revealed that he was struggling with severe memory loss, after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s well before that. In July 2014, he officially stepped down as controlling owner of the Broncos, although he had relinquished day-to-day control several years before.

An estimated 5.7 million Americans of all ages are living with Alzheimer’s, and more than 16 million Americans are taking care of people with Alzheimer’s, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. The disease has no cure.

Beth and her family have been at her father’s side throughout his illness. She is also active in raising awareness about the disease and helping to raise funds for scientific research.

“My family and I have received such an outpouring of support from Broncos fans, the Denver community and friends across the country,” Beth said. “It means a lot to us, which further motivates us to carry on his legacy of winning for our fans.”