Advanced Digital-Era PR Crisis Update: 8 Urgent Steps for Protecting Your Organization

How valuable would it be if you were prepared to handle any crisis that might hit your organization—online or in traditional media—with the latest tips, tactics and strategies … before that crisis actually happened? How appreciative will your C-suite be if you’re able to assume confident leadership in guiding communications during even the most harrowing corporate disaster?

It seems as though a new PR crisis hits the headlines every day. Nuclear reactors gone haywire … HP CEO sex scandal … BP oil spill … WikiLeaks … the list goes on.

When will your organization face its next corporate disaster? One thing’s certain—it will come unexpectedly and it will be a shock.

Whether you’re responsible for the corporate reputation of a small business or a Fortune 500 conglomerate, PR needs to have a rock-solid, up-to-the-minute crisis plan in place and be prepared to step up to defend the organization when crisis hits.

That’s why PR University has recruited master crisis strategist Sam Singer to outline the tools, tips and tactics we need in the digital era now to be ready to leap into action. Singer has earned his crisis stripes many times over with some of the nation’s largest companies, but he’s most recently famous as the Man Who Tamed the Tiger—for his brilliant handling of the San Francisco Zoo crisis after a big cat killed a zoo visitor on Christmas Day.

Singer will explain how to assess which types of crises are most likely to hit your organization; which actions to take first to keep the crisis from spiraling out of control; how to get prepare while the coast is clear, so you can leap into action once a crisis hits; and how to use social media as your ally—not your enemy—in combating rumors, falsehoods and half-truths.

If you haven’t completely refreshed your crisis communications plan in the last two years, your protocols are likely outmoded. The solution: Join us for this practical, tip-filled training webinar with one of the most creative and interesting experts on crisis control and management.