Hoover Pavilion Renovation Starts

Part of $5 billion Stanford Hospital expansion project

By Ryan Thomas Riddle – Daily Post, October 14, 2011

Construction has begun on a project to transform the 80-year-old Hoover Pavilion, the original Palo Alto Hospital, into a modern medical facility.

The building, which once served as Palo Alto’s main hospital, has been closed off and construction signs have been placed around it. The renovation is part of Stanford’s $5 billion hospital expansion project.

“It’s certainly not modern by anyone’s definition,” said Sarah Staley, spokeswoman for the expansion project, called “Project: Renewal.”

Staley said the hospital, which has been mostly used for administrative offices and a few clinics, is being gutted to bring it up to 21st century medical standards.

“(We’re) making it functional to support this century’s medicine and that is to come,” said Staley.

But the type of high-tech medical equipment used will depend on the doctors and practices that eventually fill the Hoover Pavilion, said Staley. She said hospital officials are in the process of selecting those who will eventually move into the building.

The new Hoover Pavilion will also house the Stanford Health Library and a new cafe in the pavilion area, said Staley.

While the interior of the building is being modernized, great care will be taken to preserve the historic 1931 art deco facade, said Staley. There will also be new lawns and a redwood grove, according to the project’s website.

Staley said the renovation is scheduled to be completed in October 2012. Once completed, crews will begin on building construction of a nine-story parking structure for employees and patients, which will be completed by fall 2013, said Staley.