Tisha Ferraro

Assistant Account Executive


Tisha Ferraro is an Assistant Account Executive at Singer Associates.

During college, Ms. Ferraro worked at Santa Clara University’s Office of Media and Communication where she wrote an internal newsletter for faculty and staff. It was her responsibility to successfully engage readers and viewers in pursuit of extending the Santa Clara University brand.

Ms. Ferraro comes from one of the leading families of Nevada politics, communications and advertising. She worked for family’s communication firm, The Ferraro Group of Nevada, where she created and oversaw social media content with an emphasis on creating awareness for companies seeking enhanced brand presence.  Her experience there included creating communication strategies to build awareness for the first ever Dunkin’ Donuts opening in Northern Nevada.

Ms. Ferraro graduated from Santa Clara University in 2017 with a degree in Communication and Creative Writing.  She studied humanities in Bologna, Italy, for four months in 2016.

Her favorite thing to do is spend time at Lake Tahoe with friends and family. Her interests include reading, writing and traveling.