The Chamber of Commerce blog writes about the Chevron Ecuador case and the funding agreement between Burford Capital and the plaintiffs’ trial lawyers:

Third-Party Litigation Financing and the Chevron Case
U.S. Chamber of Commerce blog, July 18, 2011

The massive, long-running litigation against Chevron in Ecuador has long been one of the most prominent transnational tort cases. As was outlined in the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform’s 2010 report, Think Globally, Sue Locally, these cases are brought against multinational companies for alleged violations of human rights, labor or environmental standards in foreign countries. ILR’s report outlines many problems with these types of cases, including instances of fraud and abuse by the plaintiffs and their lawyers. The Chevron case is no exception. Evidence submitted to a federal court last year show that attorneys for the Ecuadoran plaintiffs submitted fraudulent evidence and collaborated with a purportedly neutral expert witness to doctor his testimony. Chevron has now filed a racketeering lawsuit against several of the plaintiffs’ lawyers in the case.