Russell City Energy Center Creates 700 Jobs Now and Clean Power for 620,000 Homes in 2013 – KGO Radio

Leslie Brinkley – KGO Radio, October 12, 2011

Job creation for out of work construction crews, that’s what Hayward City Officials and Calpine executives toasted to at a tented luncheon at the construction site of a new power plant. The Alameda County Building and Construction Trades Council says the Russell city energy center will create 700 jobs. “It’s positive not only for the construction unions, but it’s great of course for the local economy as well.” But when the plant is up and running in 2013 it will supply clean power to 620,000 households. Calpine Senior Vice President Joe Ronan, “the idea of this plan is to support the grid of the entire bay area.” It will seamlessly integrate solar and wind power coming online and allow the state to retire old and polluting power plants.