Chevron helps get supplies to East Bay schools

By Lyanne Melendez – KGO, September 29, 2011

With California strapped for cash, public schools are struggling with gutted budgets. Where the state can’t help, one major corporation is stepping-up.

Ms. Schiff’s second grade class got a few school supplies that will enhance their math skills. They also received a rug to avoid sitting on the hard floor while reading. These were all supplies Schiff had asked for, which Chevron then delivered.

The Richmond-based company now wants to donate more supplies to teachers in Alameda and Contra Costa counties, through the Fuel Your School promotion.

“Everyone can participate by going to a local Chevron or Texaco station and for every eight gallons or more that they fill up we will donate $1 to a local school,” Chevron spokesperson Andrea Bailey said.

Chevron will donate up to $1 million. All teachers had to do was go on online to

“Teachers write in, they write proposals, submit what they need in their classroom and post the proposal and people like you and me and Chevron come on board and support those projects,” Donors Choose spokesperson Carolina Martin said.

With the drastic state budget cuts, many teachers are in need of basic supplies and additional materials.

“Pencils, papers, erasers, those kinds of things and while we are still able to provide them they are not able to provide them at the same level they once were,” Principal Mimi Melodia said.

This month, through Donors Choose, Chevron will mostly fund those projects that have to do with science, technology, engineering and math.

Every school district in Alameda and Contra Costa counties will benefit from this promotion.

The public can track how much money is being raised in their city by going to Last year, the program raised $850,000.