By Rich Lieberman – Rich Lieberman Report

Sam Singer is theWarriors‘ arch nemesis when the topic comes to the Dubs’ proposed new SF arena.

It’s scheduled to open sometime after 2018 but that’s iffy at best thanks to Singer and the anti-arena group he represents, Mission Bay Alliance.

“It’s all about location, location, location, but in this instance it’s ‘bad location, bad location, bad location, “offered Singer, who tells me the fight for this cause isn’t ending anytime soon.

The MBA is playing some great PR and legal cards against the Warriors to keep them from building their proposed “Monster at Mission Bay” 18,000 seat arena right across from UCSF Hospital and San Francisco’s bioscience research center.

The Warriors are in for some big-boy’s ball as MBA—UCSF scientists, neighborhood activists, and S.F. taxpayers are winning battle after battle off the court against Warriors’owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber and their attorneys and PR/political spokesmen.

Just this past week, the Mission Bay Alliance won its first tentative court battle against the UCSF and the Warriors in Oakland. And, earlier this year, thebasketball team pushed back its proposed opening date of a new bayside facilitydue to growing opposition.

MBA lawyers and Singer have formed a most successful straight-arm push against the Warrior’s massive PR push.

To be sure, Singer and the opposition have received a plethora of TV/Radio media coverage –including countless appearances on the W’s own cable partner,CSN Bay Area. And it’s not just in the Bay Area.

I’ll admit it, I have my own bias here. I’m an Oakland resident and love the Warriors and have covered them off and on for years. Selfishly, I hope MBA and Singer’s lawsuits prevail.

Someday someone is going to stick a microphone in Lacob’s or Guber’s face and ask what’s the real reason they are abandoning their Oakland/Eastbay fans that have suffered through four decades of losing teams and who are now being abandoned by Warriors’ owners who only want to move across the bay so they can make more money—and leave their devoted fans behind.