Singer Associates was awarded Gold for Best Online Newsroom – Business/Consumer for The Richmond Standard: A Community-Driven News Source in Richmond. California. Chevron hired Singer to develop a community-driven news website focused entirely on Richmond. This site would tell the stories other outlets had lost the resources to tell, creating a written history of the town, encouraging local residents and community groups to use the site as a free resource to share information with their neighbors, and establishing Chevron as a thought leader.

The Agency also received Silver for Best Issue/Cause Advocacy Campaign for Preserving Healthcare and Bioscience: A Campaign to Defeat the Proposed Golden State Warriors’ Arena in Mission Bay. Mission Bay Alliance, a group of well-funded UCSF stakeholders and faculty who strongly opposed the proposed stadium, brought on Singer Associates in April 2015 to help their coalition enter the political and public arena as a formidable opposition. Singer executed a comprehensive public affairs campaign that established a credible opposing voice to try to successfully defeat the proposed arena.