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IN THE NEWS » 2003

Grassroots Campaign to Boost CA Ballot Measure

August 25th, 2003
Singer Associates was recently hired to support the 'Yes on D' campaign, which strives to push through an initiative that makes the city's Small Business Commission more influential by separating the entity from the Mayor's Office of Economic Development READ MORE »

Singer Associates

July 24th, 2003
Sam Singer is back doing what he loves best, running his own business, and the early indications are that he is well on his way to repeating the entrepreneurial success he enjoyed with former partner Larry Kamer. READ MORE »

Pabst Taps Ketchum, Singer to Revitalize Brands

April 8th, 2003
Pabst Brewing Company, the fourth largest brewer in the United States, has retained the services of Singer Associates and Ketchum as it prepared for an aggressive campaign to raise the profile of its brands, including Old Style, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Rainier. READ MORE »

Singer and Ketchum Unite to Pull in Pabst

April 7th, 2003
Beer brewer Pabst Brewing Company has tapped Singer Associates and Ketchum to promote its more than 40 brands of beer. READ MORE »

Dome Tops List of Best Agencies to Work For – Part 3

February 11th, 2003
Another newcomer to our Best Agencies to Work For list, San Francisco-based Singer Associates provides an atmosphere where individuals can excel, combining strong leadership from founder and president Sam Singer with a group dynamic that allows personnel at all levels to contribute according to their ability. READ MORE »