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The Holmes Report PR Agency Report Card Recognizes Singer Associates

December 1, 2004

Singer employees include former journalists, press secretaries, marketing and advertising managers, and government relations specialists

Profile: Press experience hones Singer’s public affairs skills

September 20, 2004

Ambition has served Singer well in his career. He now runs one of the pre-eminent public affairs shops in the Bay Area and, perhaps, the West Coast.

The crunch-time counselors

September 6, 2004

Singer feels the essence of good crisis communications involves being clear, concise, and direct.

CA Secretary of State Taps Singer Amid Donation Flap

August 30, 2004

Kevin Shelley (D), California's embattled secretary of state, has hired Singer Associates to help with communications strategy and media relations concerning a campaign contributions scandal.

Singer Associates Aids Transportation Hub Launch

June 4, 2004

The Transbay Joint Powers Authority has hired Singer Associates to help promote its forthcoming $2.4 billion transportation hub in the heart of San Francisco's business district.

The Holmes Report PR Agency Report Card Recognizes Sam Singer

January 1, 2004

Sam Singer defines public relations success simply, in a single word: "Winning."

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